Friday, July 22, 2011

Mocha Coconut

Well, its 7:45am (been on the road since 6:00am) and we’re heading down to Gainesville, Florida to visit some family friends before we travel back up to Tybee Island, Georgia. We haven’t been on a family vacation in about 6 years, so this is pretty exciting. Sometimes I love a good, long car trip. It gives me some time to think and really sort of clear my head a bit. I find myself stuck in Wilmore a good portion of the time, so it’s a beautiful thing to get out and travel! I love being reminded how absolutely gorgeous Kentucky is, even from I-75. I love driving through different cities and towns. I love looking at license plates from lots of different places. I love plugging in my headphones and letting Ben Rector serenade me as I contemplate my purpose in life. I love so much about traveling, I definitely wish I did it more often. I think when I grow up I’ll travel around some, just to explore and find new things and places. Plus I love meeting new people. 

Its hard to believe that its nearly August. I can honestly say that I’m ready for school to start. This year is going to be a challenging but rewarding one for sure. I have so much stuff for my major, I have RA, class cabinet, junior retreat, junior/senior, and hopefully life will take some exciting turns this year as well. At church on Sunday we were challenged to think about and write about where we would like to be in 10 years, I think I’ll do that for sure. When Donald Miller came to speak at Southland he talked about how important it is for us to have a vision for our lives, to know where we’re going and to be willing to let that change with time and wisdom. When you have a vision and you know where you want to go its more difficult to go astray and get distracted. When I fear the unknown or wonder about the plans God has for me and my life I get distracted from the importance of focusing on the here and now. All that being said, its been a good summer for the most part. I feel like I’m just a happier person. I’ve been able to let go of a lot of emotional junk and I’ve dealt with some hang ups and let downs too. I’m growing so much in my relationship with God and I’m so excited to see that continue throughout the school year. But for now, I’ll be counting my blessings and figuring out where and who I want to be in 10 years…

                   Much Love.

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